My Story

“I’ve climbed my mountain so I can now help you climb yours!”


For as long as I can remember, I always had this calling to help the wounded! I brought countless stray animals (and people) home to nurture them with love, food and shelter, until I could see the light come back into their eyes. This calling has never abandoned me and has been the driving force behind my career path since my thirties. First, becoming a Pilates instructor, helping people learn how to move properly and become physically stronger and more self confident; and then becoming a Yoga instructor, helping people learn how to ‘root to rise’, to ground and center themselves, teaching them to breathe and reach beyond their physical limitations to connect to something greater than themselves through the ancient wisdom that accompanies the physical practice. My path then turned towards seeking out a Holistic Nutritionist diploma, which allows me to address the biochemistry of the body and teach one how to use whole foods and lifestyle changes as medicine against declines in health and vitality; and finally graduating from a 7-year Osteopathic diploma program in 2018 which has given me the ability to assist my patients in removing pain and dysfunction and heighten the function of their bodies. My expertise lies in my passion for health and I’ve been really zoning in on the digestive system, inflammation and the brain (cognitive function and concussions). I am currently paying particular attention to the study of the endocrine system (hormones).

I am what is referred to as a ‘wounded warrior’, where one turns their wounds into their life’s purpose where all their suffering is turned into drive and passion with the goal of wanting to help others not only avoid the same pain but attain a greater state of being. I suffered from terrible acne, gluten sensitivities and depression as a teenager, likely due to an incredibly poor diet - loaded with gluten and simple carbs, tobacco, alcohol and recreational drug use. My brain was in a perpetual fog and my heart filled with sadness, leading me to one poor decision after another, spiralling deeply out of control until I found myself in life-altering trouble…and this, more than once.

But I always knew I wanted something better from life. After one very important ‘rock bottom’, instead of just eliminating a particular bad choice or behaviour, I began adopting new healthy behaviours, one at a time, it started with a lot of introspection which led to mindset and perspective changes, then diet and supplementation modifications, then exercise and meditation.

Then in 2013, when in my 3rd year of Osteopathic training, I experienced discomfort in one of my wrists while doing my regular yoga practice. However, what I thought would be an unremarkable injury, after 2 months of chronic pain and inflammation, and following a series of blood tests and imaging, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both wrists by a specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. At this point, I had lost approximately 90% of mobility and the pain was so bad that I could barely turn a door knob on the doors inside my home. I was looking at having to abandon my education and my career - both of which relied heavily on my ability to use my hands. I was scared and devastated, and felt very alone as I had recently ended a 12-year relationship. The course of action prescribed by the specialist was anti-inflammatory drugs and devices to assist me with my daily activities. I remember feeling like such a victim, powerless and lost. I shed a lot of tears asking myself what I was going to do. And then it became very clear to me. I had somehow forgotten that I have all the knowledge and resources I needed to deal with this condition and all I needed to do is apply them diligently to myself. And so I became my own patient, I followed my own protocols, set my mindset to that of a wise and peaceful warrior and cured myself completely within a 6-month period.

I would not be where I am today without a lot of effort and the fruits they bare don’t happen overnight - its been a lot of work. My knowledge and expertise have grown exponentially since I turned my life around, and then conquered my diagnosis, and they continue to grow so that I may in turn be able to help those in need, through mindfulness, diet & supplementation, exercise & lifestyle, and osteopathic manual therapy. I am deeply grateful to be able to be of service.


“When you are ready to make a change, you will find a reason to be here.”