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Photo by BraunS/iStock / Getty Images

Working on-one-one or in small groups gives you the undivided attention of your practitioner ensuring proper technique in execution and elicits an understanding of intent and goals to maximize the effectiveness of the work you are doing. Whether for general health or in response to injury or a condition, it is the perfect way to ensure you are ‘doing things properly’, that you remain aligned with your goals, and benefit from expertise derived from more than 2 decades of study and practice.

In a private setting, we can offer sessions in a variety of forms of Yoga (Power, Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Ashtanga, Pre-natal, Post-natal), Pilates (mat, props, equipment, special populations), Bootcamp, Kettle bell, and more - simply inquire about what you are looking for and if we don't offer it, we will point you in the right direction.

Privates and Semi-Privates (up to 3 people)

Privates are one-on-one scenarios, whereas semi-privates can consist up to 3 people. Some of our students are rehabilitating injuries, have a condition that may make taking a group class challenging due to the unpredictability of their condition, others have specific goals they seek to accomplish or even specific times they want to practice at.  We have students that really want to understand the technique of the practices and others simply feel more comfortable in a private setting.  During private and semi-private sessions the studio is reserved for you/your party and your instructor, there will not be any other privates running at the same time and for this reason (as well as our strong reputation) a number of celebrities and high profile individuals have also graced our space in complete confidentiality.  

Private Groups (4 people or more)

You may book your favourite teacher for your group just as you would a private session and enjoy the privacy of our fully equipped studio for your groups goals.  It has been a fun way for many to spend quality and productive time with family and friends.  Whether you are looking to do just a single session or a regular weekly affair, for fun or in preparation for an event (or to recover from an event), we are happy to cater to your needs.