I saw Lisa for a herniated disc injury. She combines pilates and yoga instruction with a deep knowledge of back anatomy and osteopathy. I was terrified of re-injury. She was confident and directed during my rehab, knowing exactly the exercises that I needed to do to get relief. She never pushed too far, nor too fast. She built the muscles around the injury teaching me how not to reinjure myself. I have worked with many physiotherapists as well as other pilates and yoga instructors over 30 years. I have never met a practitioner that I trust more than Lisa.
— Jenny, Toronto

I came to see Lisa because I was having an acute TMJD flare-up. I had had osteopathic treatments before & knew this was the appropriate treatment for this issue. Her initial assessment was thorough & included a hands-on examination as well as taking a complete history. We discussed her findings & treatment plan & I had a treatment that day as well. After the second treatment I noticed a definite improvement & after the third treatment I was pain free.
Treatment with Lisa was a positive, comfortable experience. She listened, addressed any concerns I raised, asked for feedback every step of the way & was unfailingly generous with her knowledge. I will definitely return in the future if I find it necessary, & I will not hesitate to refer family & friends to her for treatment.
— Naomi, Toronto

Thank you so much for the excellent classes and your insightful guidance. When doing the balance exercises, I found your comments about thinking about imbalance and how I might correct it, very helpful. You are a brilliant teacher. When tackling some difficult work and learning new things, it is often as much a mental exercise as a physical one. Your optimistic energy and positive attitude encouraged me to think and try harder. I never felt like a failure, even when I was wobbling. I feel that I progressed over the month and while we were in a group, it felt like a very individual practice.
— Sharon, Toronto

I saw you last week Monday. On Wednesday I noticed some improvement with my eyes, and by Friday I was feeling like 90% better with the screen sensitivity and eye pain. Now It’s like 98% :D. My head also hurts less and I generally am feeling much better.
— Lina, Toronto

Your presence and work has made such a positive impact for me this year. Thank you for the gifts you have shared, your generosity and humor and encouragement. I know my life is much improved thanks to the nurturing space you hold open for all of us who need it.
— Emily, Toronto

I originally came to Lisa for a neck problem for which I was seeking Osteopathic treatment. Through her thorough history and health intake and physical assessment, she identified digestive issues, something I hadn’t realized I had, and for many years because it was “my normal’. In addition to alleviating my neck problems, she also resolved my digestive issues through Osteopathy, supplement recommendations and a review of my diet. Not only do I feel better, but I have more energy than I ever remember having and just feel generally happier. Thank you Lisa, you changed my life!
— Shawn, Toronto

When I came to see Lisa for a herniation in my lumbar spine, it was after several other practitioners with whom I had no success. I couldn’t stand still or I would be in tremendous pain. She was able to identify how to resolve my pain with a personally tailored Yoga practice within 2 weeks. I continued to work with Lisa first as rehab and then as a preventative measure. She continuously checked in to see how each movement felt for me, carefully modifying and tweaking the poses as necessary to accommodate where I was, each step of the way. I can’t thank you enough!
— Sylvain, Toronto