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After studying Manual Osteopathy at the Canadian College of Osteopathy, and graduating from their 5-year academic and clinical program, we are required - by our college, to carry out a research study.  I have chosen to combine my areas of expertise and developed a clinical trial that I hypothesize will demonstrate how a Pilates and Yoga based exercise program will enhance a person's balance and how Manual Osteopathy will amplify these results.  Balance is a subject matter that I am very passionate about and one that is especially important to our population as we grow older.  Fall prevention is considered to be a world wide public health challenge by the World Health Organization; in the Canadian senior population, falls account for the highest rate of injury-related hospitalizations, with far-reaching ramifications.  Prevention is of utmost importance and I am thrilled to be doing my part for the cause...I hope you can join me.

Fall prevention is considered to be a world wide public health challenge
— World Health Organization, 2007

Here are the details of the study:

The study is looking at measuring balance in a healthy population (52 people) within the age range of 40-65 years old. 

The duration of the study is 10 consecutive weeks and is separated into 3 parts as follows:

1) The control period - this is life as usual (first 5-weeks).
2) The intervention period.  There are 2 interventions; a standardized Yoga & Pilates exercise program and Manual Osteopathic treatments.  All the study participants will participate in the standardized Yoga & Pilates exercise program - taught by a certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor (me, Lisa), and in addition to the exercise program, 26 randomly assigned participants will also receive Osteopathic treatments delivered by (me, Lisa), a graduate of the 5-year Osteopathic program of the Canadian College of Osteopathy.  The intervention period follows the control period and lasts 4 weeks and this is when all the study participants attend 2 group exercise classes per week and perform the same exercise program once a week on their own (at their home or other desired location) to a video they will be given access to.  The group receiving the Manual Osteopathic treatments will receive these treatments once a week for the same 4 weeks.
3) The post-intervention rest period - this is also life as usual (last 1-week).  

We measure your ability to balance in several different standing positions - which takes about 20 min each time, on 3 separate occasions:

1) At the beginning of the control period
2) At the beginning of the intervention period
3) At the end of the rest period


You have 4 group class options to choose from, M-W-F 5:45pm and Saturdays 11am.  The group classes are 1-hr in duration.  The Manual Osteopathic treatments are scheduled more flexibly with options on weekdays in the mornings, afternoons and evenings as well as saturday afternoons.  The Manual Osteopathic treatments have a duration of 1-hr as well.  All sessions will take place at Shas Studio.  Participants will be required to sign up for all classes and treatments in advance using our online booking system.

We will be running 3 more separate and independent trials for you to choose from:

1) December 16th - February 25th
          Control period December 16-January 20th
          Intervention period January 20th - February 17th
          Rest period February 17th - February 24th

2) January 20th - April 1st
          Control period January 20th - Feb 24th
          Intervention period Feb 24th - March 24th
          Rest period March 24th - March 31st

3) February 24th - May 6th
          Control period February 24th - March 31st
          Intervention period March 31st - April 28th
          Rest period April 28th - May 5th

Of course, participants may withdraw from the study at any time, for any reason.  Though we truly hope you will stick it out because its going to be a great ride!

Proper clothing will be required for all sessions, whether exercise or osteopathy, consisting of activewear such as shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, yoga pants, exercise pants.  No shoes are required.

Should you be interested in participating in my study, I will need to know a bit more about you - in complete confidentiality. Please take a few moments (as little as 3 minutes) to fill out an important form by clicking on the button below.

I will contact you within 2-weeks, by phone/email to let you know if we can accept you in the study and to set up your initial visit.  We will then email the password to access a few more forms for you to fill out - a medical history form, an informed consent form, and a physical activity readiness form, all from this website.