What We Do Here at Shas

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Private Training - Yoga | Pilates | Rehab
and more.

Working on-one-one or in small groups gives you the undivided attention of your practitioner ensuring proper technique in execution and elicits an understanding of intent and goals to maximize the effectiveness of the work you are doing. Whether for general health or in response to injury or a condition…

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Holistic Nutrition

Your health begins with how you decide to nurture your body. The food you eat - and don’t eat, what you put on your body, the environments you expose yourself to, how you breathe and even your outlook on life, all play important roles in achieving a life filled with health and vitality. You are constantly making conscious or not so conscious decisions that will impact…



The Osteopathic Manual Practice is a gentle yet very effective hands-on practice that treats the body as an integration of its many functional units that require consideration and treatment so that the body, as the sum of its parts, can achieve a state of health and vitality, free of pain and dysfunction (structural misalignment and physiological dysfunction). Not only do we look for the root cause of dysfunction but…