Our People

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Lisa Beaulieu

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner D.O.M.P, D.Sc.O
Holistic Nutritionist R.H.N.
Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor
Board Director - Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners

Lisa’s career began with movement as a professional contemporary dancer in her teens in Montreal. After a long hiatus from the dance world when she focused on her Commerce studies at McGill University and then joined the corporate world, she came back to the art and science of movement in 2003, first becoming a Pilates Instructor, then in 2004, a Yoga Instructor. In 2006, she obtained her diploma in Holistic Nutrition, and continues to keep abreast of the latest research relating to nutrition, the environment & lifestyle, and the relationship these factors have with your past, current and future health. In 2016, Lisa received her diploma in Osteopathy after completing 5 years of academic study & clinical training at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto. And in 2018 she successfully defended a thesis she wrote after producing a clinical trial on the preventative treatment of postural control dysfunction (balance dysfunction), applying an exercise method she developed that incorporated a series of Yoga and Pilates exercises along with general osteopathic treatment, to an older population (40-65 years of age). Her post-graduate specialization studies have been focused on the digestive system, inflammation, energy metabolism and brain function - neurodegeneration prevention and reversal protocols, as well as concussion treatment.

Lisa has a deep appreciation for, and understanding of the chemical, structural and energetic natures of physiological dysfunction (dysfunction of the normal processes of the different parts/systems of the body). She shines in her comprehensive holistic approach designed to support the body’s inherent inclination towards health when provided with the right nutrients, structural alignment/mobility, and a harmonious emotional landscape (stress management and the cultivation of positive relationships with one’s self and surrounding community). It is the marriage of these various pillars of health that lend to her innovative and integrative approach which has positively affected the health of her clients and patients.

In 2005, Lisa founded what is now a multi-disciplinary integrative health practice, Shas Studio (which means ‘to teach’ in sanskrit), which offers personalized health programs that incorporate Osteopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, breathwork, Lifestyle coaching, and environmental health coaching. Over the years, Shas Studio has offered all manner of group exercise classes; one-on-one training and rehabilitation; specialized workshops with local and international guest teachers; personalized & generalized nutrition programs; mentorship programs; etc. Over the last ten years, in an effort to serve her entire community, Lisa has implemented into her practice, an energy-exchange program that has been instrumental in assisting many in need of her expertise/treatment in exchange for one’s professional services instead of the usual financial exchange. The professional services involve work in such areas as administration, research, media & design, and communications.

Currently, Lisa is a Board Director for the Ontario Association of Osteopathy Manual Practitioner and sits on the Professional Conduct and Ethics committee where she enjoys being part of a team dedicated to upholding the highest standards of Osteopathic care.

Under development and soon to be launched, is a series of online step-by-step health programs Lisa has designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources that will allow a world-wide community of clients to 1) establish a true foundation of health (structural, chemical and energetic), from which they can then 2) adopt specific protocols to optimize the functioning of the different physiological systems to either support or enhance their performance. This program includes creating a global network of practitioner-partners (such as Osteopathic practitioners, Nutritionists, Yoga practitioners, etc.) that will serve as supportive resources.