The Studio


Our Studio

Our Toronto Yoga and Pilates Studio space is nestled on the second floor of a quiet building where the upper Annex meets Yorkville and less than a 10-min walk from the north end of University of Toronto's St George Campus.  Shas Studio is the perfect setting to learn / practice / teach Yoga and Pilates, flooded with natural light, filled with plants and modern art, it is exudes warmth amidst a minimalist decor.  With ample street parking, bike docks and two subways stations (Dupont and St George) less than a 10-min walk away, Shas Studio is very easily accessible.

Our Osteopathic Treatment Space


Our Philosophy

At Shas, we endeavour to create a playful learning environment.  It is equally as important to deliver quality instruction, as it is to create a sense of enjoyment.  It is a space that caters to developing relationships between the body and the disciplines we teach and also with the teachers and fellow students.  You will be engaged to reach a higher potential while honouring your body's limitations.  We understand that the language of the body is foreign to most people and that concepts of body dynamics and the principles of Yoga and Pilates are highly specialized concepts that need to be broken down into plain comprehensible terms.  We take this role seriously and use a variety of techniques to allow you the opportunity to understand and integrate these notions into your practice. We also incorporate traditional exercise training, work derived from ballet and a number of other forms of movement techniques to continuously challenge your body in different ways for optimal strength and mobility.  

What to Expect

We strive to be that place where you know that just walking through our door will make you feel good and even better upon departure.  You can expect to gain a deeper understanding of your body and how it works; increased strength and flexibility; an increase in stability and mobility of the joints; better posture; better coordination and an overall greater sense of wellbeing.  Of course your progress is directly dependant on the time and effort you put into your practice and a consistent training program will greatly enhance your progress towards a happier and healthier you.

Studio Etiquette

Shas Studio is a shoe-free zone and as such we kindly request that you remove your shoes before entering the studio.  You may leave them neatly arranged in the hall or bring them in and place them neatly under the bench.

We are also sensitive to our students sensitivities and ask that you not wear heavy perfumes on their skin or clothing when participating in our group classes and if you are a smoker, please wash your hands and make use of our fresh mouthwash in the washrooms.

For hygienic reasons please bandage any fresh cuts and wear socks if you suffer from athletes foot.

Please wear clean clothes to each class.

Please turn your cell phone off and refrain from bringing it into the practice area of the studio unless it is an emergency situation, in which case, please advise the instructor and seek minimal disruption to the class.

We welcome students that arrive late, we simply ask that you be the least disruptive as possible upon entering the studio.  

If you must leave before the end of the class, please advise the teacher and position your mat as close to the room's entrance as possible.  Try to be the least disruptive as possible, the teacher will put away your mat and props for you.

Please inform your teacher of any new or on-going conditions that may affect your practice so that your instructor can do her or his best at providing you with the safest practice possible.

During class, we may give our students manual adjustments that require us to place our hands on your body.  If you do not wish to receive manual adjustments during the class, please be sure to mention this to your instructor before the beginning of the class.

In-studio we offer mat, towel and water service free of charge.  We respectfully ask that all students clean their mats with our mat cleaner at the end of their session and return them and any props to the appropriate location.  If you used a cup for water, we ask that you wash and dry it in the washrooms and return it to the small cup shelves where you would have originally found it.  If you used a towel simply place it in the towel hamper at the entrance of the practice area.